Guides to some of the many interesting and enjoyable walks on Mitcham Common.
See the Find Us page for help getting to Mitcham Common.

Walk 1 – Seven Islands Pond

Walk 1 map - Seven Islands Pond
Time – 23 minutes
Distance – 1.1 miles, 1.8 km
Condition – Flat unsurfaced paths that may be muddy in winter.
Start Point – Ecology Centre car park
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Walk 2 – Between the tram stops

Walk 2 map - Between the tram stops
Time – 21 minutes
Distance – 1 mile, 1.6 km
Condition – Apart from the railway bridge, all paths are flat but may be muddy in winter
Start point – Mitcham Junction railway station & tramlink
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Walk 3 – Around the ecology centre

Walk 3 map - Around the ecology centre
Time – 20 minutes
Distance – 1 mile, 1.6 km
Condition – Follows flat unsurfaced paths and may be muddy after heavy rain
Start point – Ecology Centre car park
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Walk 4 – Over the hills

Walk 4 map - Over the hills
Time – 30 minutes
Distance – 0.8 miles, 1.3 km
Condition – This is a short walk but much of the route is over unsurfaced paths and fairly steep hills
Start point – Arthur’s pond
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Mitcham Common is one of the most interesting and varied open spaces in South London