Mitcham Golf Club House

Mitcham Golf Club House

The 18 hole golf course on Mitcham Common is located south of Croydon Road, between Beddington Lane and Carshalton Road.

Mitcham Golf Club is run by trustees who employ staff to administer the Club and a team of green keepers to maintain the course. Although the biodiversity of the intensively managed parts of the course is rather limited, the roughs and larger habitat parcels between the fairways hold significant wildlife interest, which is maintained through sympathetic management by the club in liaison with the Conservators.

Mitcham Golf Course

The golf course


Golf has been played on the Common since the Conservators first granted a concession to the Princes Golf Club Ltd in 1891. Over the years that followed the Club became popular and a clubhouse was erected on railway-owned land close to Mitcham Junction station. Eventually the Club was bought by Sir Harry Mallaby-Deeley, and during the years prior to the First World War it became very exclusive.

Ultimately the social and economic hardship during and after the Great War led to a downturn in the Club’s fortunes and in 1924, on expiry of the original lease, Sir Harry presented the course to the Conservators for the use of the public. Shortly afterwards Mitcham Golf Club was established and granted a lease by the Conservators, for which the club paid an annual fee.

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About Mitcham Common

Mitcham Common is one of the most interesting and varied open spaces in South London


The Common was formerly part of much larger pasture land, spanning from Mitcham to Croydon