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This society is open to anybody who shares our love of the Common and an interest in maintaining its remarkable assemblage of wildlife for future generations to enjoy. We are not part of the Board of Conservators who administer the Common although we are, on the whole, supportive of its policies.


We aim to widen the public interest and understanding of the Common
We produce our own magazine ‘Magpie’ three times a year, to keep members abreast of developments
There are meetings in the Ecology Centre where committee members can discuss current problems
There are occasional walks and talks
The society keeps abreast of developments that pose a threat to the Common and organises protests when necessary. Most recently we campaigned for the police to be supplied with motorbikes to control illegal motorcycling on the Common and we helped to finance their purchase
Recently we have been able to offer the Conservators support and some financial assistance for their grant applications (e.g. money to de-silt the Pond).

Past History

The Society evolved from the Mitcham Common Preservation Society. This was a pressure group formed in 1956 to counter the escalating use of the common as a rubbish dump by all the surrounding boroughs. It also campaigned against several large-scale road schemes that would have had disastrous effects on the Common. However, attitudes to wildlife habitats have changed dramatically in the intervening years and conservation is now mainstream policy. This is why, in 2004, we changed our name to ‘Friends of Mitcham Common’, which more accurately defines our present position. Nevertheless development proposals involving the Common still crop up periodically, and with a membership base of some 350 people we are in strong position to organise protest if needs arise.


If you would like to join us Membership rates are £2.50 per annum or £10.00 for a five year subscription. You will receive the ‘Magpie’ three times a year either delivered to your door or by email (whichever you prefer). Magpie No. 96 – Summer 2017

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