Dog Control Orders

Please see the attached following links to a borough-wide public consultation that has now gone live concerning proposed new dog control measures in Merton.

The proposals will have significant impacts for the management of dogs in our parks and greenspaces for some years to come.

Please note the end date of the consultation is the 30th October 2017

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Acid Grassland Restoration Project


The SUEZ Communities Trust has kindly agreed to fund a project which aims to restore acid grassland on several parcels of land on the Seven Islands Pond and Golf Course sub-sites of the Common.

The work will start in the near future and will involve removing scrub woodland and semi-mature trees followed by clearance of accumulated organic material and re-seeding with acid grassland as required.

Seven Islands Pond sub-site location of works


Press Release




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metal detecting

New holes from metal detecting have been appearing on paths around Mitcham Common. Metal detecting is not permitted on the Common for safety and nature conservation reasons. If you see holes being dug please report it.

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Test heather scrape

A new test scrape has been dug on the Mill House sub-site part of the Common, to the north of the Ecology Centre. This will be seeded with heather, have brash placed over it and be pegged with fencing to prevent being blown away and public trampling.

Heathland is an important habitat on the Common, and its maintenance and expansion are aspirations we’re striving towards.

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Alabama Rot found on Wimbledon Common

“Alabama Rot” Update – Case Confirmed

Cutaneous and Renal Glomerular Vasculopathy (CRGV)

“Alabama Rot” – Case Confirmed

We have been advised by a local veterinary practice that the suspected case of CRGV, or “Alabama Rot”, in a local dog has been confirmed.

However, as the dog was also walked in other local parks and open spaces, it is still not certain that the disease is here on the Commons.

The causes of the disease, and how it is contracted, are not yet understood ...

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Spider Foray

Spider man at Mitcham Common

spider-forayThe official recorder of spiders for London, Edward Milner will be coming to Mitcham Common on Saturday 26 September from 10.30am – 2pm to run a spider foray which is open to the public. Over a hundred different species of spider can be found on the Common and Edward will show you how to find and catch spiders, ...

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If you see motorbikes on the Common call the local Safer Neighbourhoods Team on 0208 649 3604 giving as much detail as you can, and they will respond if they are on duty. If they are not on duty leave a message and call 101 giving details.

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